400 Magnolia Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115

Project Details:

The project comprises a 31,000 square foot, expansion to Claflin University’s Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Physical Education Center to a full-service Health and Wellness Center (H&WC) Complex with both a new indoor and outdoor enrichment multi-purpose area (the “Project”). Founded in 1869 and located in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Claflin University is an African American liberal arts institution which serves 1,800 students annually, of which, 76% are from low income families and are Pell Grant eligible. While there are limited health and wellness facilities serving the people of Orangeburg, Bamberg, and Calhoun counties, there are also significant income and economic disparities that intensify the health problems.

The Project will increase the University’s capacity to address the health and wellness needs of the university community and to serve residents of the Greater Orangeburg community in life and health enhancing activities and training. The expanded Health and Wellness Center Complex will offer a one stop shop for holistic learning, community engagement and life-long wellness that will service the Project’s predominately minority community. In total, the Project will directly service the health and wellness needs of nearly 3,000 people per year within its medically underserved locale.