725, 728 and 740 SW 8th St. Miami, FL

Project Details:

This project consists of constructing a new multipurpose facility to include a Federal Qualified Health Center (“FQHC”) Look-Alike health clinic with a senior center, adult day care, and intergenerational child care facility in an underserved state. As one of the largest providers of social, nutritional and health services to the economically disadvantaged in Miami, LHANC has encountered serious overcrowding in recent years. The project involves the construction of a new facility for LHANC that will replace an outdated and allow it to substantially increase the individuals served by LHANC. The new facility will be 50,000 square feet including 20,000 square feet of clinic space, 15,000 square feet of childcare space, 12,000 square feet for adult day care and 3,000 square feet of administrative space.

The 50,000 square foot, $15 million, three-story multipurpose facility will be comprised of the following uses:

  1. A 15,000 square foot intergenerational child care center that will serve an estimated 400 children from low income families who live in the Little Havana area. Staff will be recruited from the Little Havana area.
  2. A 12,000 square foot adult day care center to serve approximately 78 frail, low and moderate income seniors who live in the Little Havana area and require supervision as a result of a disabling condition.
  3. A 20,000 square foot health care clinic that is expected to increase LHANC health care services from 11,000 per year to 15,000 a year of which 91% are low-income (an increase of 3,640 in low-income services per annum).