April, 2023 – Community Hospitality Healthcare Services (“CHHS”) closed an important New Markets Tax Credit (“NMTC”) investment in Maternal and Family Health Services, Inc. (“MFHS”) to support the improvements, operations and equipment purchases for a 14,000 square foot medical clinic located in Scranton, PA. The new facility consolidates and replace two nearby clinics to expand and enhance prenatal, obstetric, postpartum, and newborn care services. MFHS expects to meet the healthcare needs of 5,775 unduplicated patients annually,  within the severely distressed census tract and surrounding medically underserved communities. 

Upon stabilization, the MFHS anticipates improving operational efficiency and increasing patient capacity by 145%. The new facility serves as the only provider of “one stop” maternity care services across Lackawanna County. Services offered to low-income community members include pre- and post-natal care; reproductive health services. Additionally, MFHS intends to offer on-site oral health assessments and primary care, ultrasounds, laboratory and pharmacy services with the overall goal to end stigma and financial hardship surrounding quality medical care. Its location near a public bus route and low-income housing is an added benefit as MFHS seeks to reduce transportation barriers and improve accessibility to maternal and family health care services.

 “We are proud to assist in the expansion of a new maternal and family health services clinic to serve the surrounding medically underserved region of Scranton, PA,” commented CHHS founder and Executive Director Ben Cirka, “CHHS is dedicated to supporting projects that focus on increasing accessibility to fundamental healthcare services in distressed communities. Maternal and Family Health Services accomplishes this and more through its mission to provide quality medical care and other support services to mothers and families in need.”  

MFHS is a regional nonprofit management corporation that provides a range of accessible, essential and preventative health care and related services to individuals and families across 17 counties. Through its administration of federal and state-funded programs and direct contractual agreements, the organization provides quality medical care to an estimated 90,000 individuals annually. All of the nonprofits’ services focus on disease prevention, wellness promotion and encouraging residents across Northeastern Pennsylvania to achieve better health. 

CHHS specializes in investing in healthcare facilities located in low-income areas that are medically underserved throughout the country. To date, CHHS has been awarded more than $490MM in NMTC allocation to healthcare related projects, which supported job creation and retention and provide access to quality affordable healthcare and extended services to more than 600,000 low-income persons annually.