1700 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40210

Project Details:

The YMCA of Greater Louisville (the “YMCA”) intends to construct, own, and manage a 55,000 square foot facility that will contain a new YMCA center located at 1700 Broadway Avenue, Louisville, KY 40203. The YMCA will also be partnering with the University of Louisville (“U-L”) and Kentucky One Health (“KOH”) (together, the “Sponsors”) to provide a continuum of services to the community, which is federally designated as medically underserved.

It is currently anticipated that 30,000 square feet of the Project will be occupied by a YMCA center that will include a therapeutic instructional and recreational pool, exercise center, child care services, free and public meeting space, locker rooms, a kitchen incubator for cooking classes, and playing fields with an urban garden. The entire facility will allow the YMCA to provide an array of programs that will benefit both youth and adults of all ages.

In the remaining 25,000 square feet, the Project will lease space to U-L and KOH to allow additional services to be provided to the low-income community residents. Included will be pediatric medical and dental services, adult core medical services, healthcare education from various schools, and cancer screening and prevention services. Furthermore, there will be a “Family and Children Place” that will offer services with an emphasis on mental health counseling and a focus on violence, abuse, and neglect prevention. The U-L has indicated that the Project will open the door to new opportunities to conduct research in the area of social services and brain injuries. Lastly, the Project will feature a financial institution that will lease a small portion of the facility to provide traditional banking services and financial literacy workshops for local residents.